Pro Active Bass Cajon


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  1. Quantity
  2. Pro Active Drum Finished:£130.00
  3. Project Pro Active Unfinished:£100.00
  4. Drum Sticks:£21.00
  5. Cajon Bag:£30.00
  6. Seat Pad:£8.00



    This is our Pro Active Bass.  This drum is for the pro who wants a robust construction, it is made from 18mm thick plywood. It has a nice deep bass tone.

    This drum's size is 48cm high x 35cm wide x 30cm deep, and is fitted with rubber feet and  in a wax satin finish.


    The drum, being that bit wider, gives a very nice deep resonating bass tone.


    As with the Active you can adjust the 40 snare wires from the control knob on the side of the drum, from a trashy sound to a very closed and snappy snare, or you can turn them off altogether, depending on your demands.

    Seats are no longer fitted as standard.



    The sound hole is correct size to accept Cajon Port.

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    This drum is also available in Project form.




    The Pro Active is played by the band Circus Envy at the BBC

    Note : The drum is not plugged in to an amp.

    The Drummer is Mick Harding.