Lion Cajon Drums

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Use this link to view videos of our drums below.


This is our Lion Cub Cajon for Kids up to 10 years of age.

It stands 40cm high and 25cm wide and 25cm deep.

Robust construction and great for kids learning to play rhythm.

Fantastic cajon with a fixed snare, easy to play and a great gift.






Lion SizzleThis is our Basic Cajon.

The basic is 29.5cm wide & 48cm high.

This Cajon is great for the novice who wants a great sound for very little money.

The bass is deep and the snare is crisp.

The Cajon is left in its natural state and you can finish it in any way that suits your artistic need.

Or just sit on and play.

You can get fantastic sounds from this Cajon, for the bargain price of £70.00.

Why not add a Bag to your order and protect this Cajon from damage when in transport.






This is our Sizzle Cajon.

We have made this Cajon the same as the Basic, with a non-adjustable snare but finished in a satin wax and a mahogany vinyl front panel.

The whole Cajon is made from birch wood for a great sound.

This Cajon gives a fantastic base tone and it has a crisp snare sound.

The Cajon sits on plastic feet to compliment the sound. Why not order a bag to protect your Cajon when travelling.

This drum is priced at £80.





This is our Lion Active Cajon.

We have made this Cajon so you can turn the snare on and off, so you have 2 Cajons in 1.

By turning the control knob on the side of the Cajon towards the front panel, this engages the snare and locks the snare in position, via a clutch. This in turn prevents the snare coming off the playing surface while in play.

If you turn the knob away from the front panel, this turns the snare off and leaves the open box sound, this allows you to play bongo type sounds. Finished in a satin wax and mahogany vinyl front panel.

The whole Cajon is made from birch wood.

Add a bag to protect your Cajon when transporting.





This is our Pro-Active Cajon.

This Cajon is slightly wider then the normal size Cajon, it is 34cm in width and 48cm high.

It has the control knob on the side to enable you to turn the Cajon snare on and off, as with the Active above.

The wider front panel gives this Cajon more depth in the bass sound, while mantaining the top end snare.






This is our 3 in 1 Cajon.

We have built this to save you having to take 3 different drums around when you are gigging.

We have the Active Cajon on one side, with the on/off snare action and a Flamenco Cajon on the other. The Flamenco is non-adjustable and gives a completely different sound to the Active side when playing.

The sound hole is in the side not on the back, this allows the drummer to hear more of the tone and deep bass sounds when playing.

Add a bag to your order to prevent damage when transporting your Cajon around.






This is our Customised Active Cajon.

This Cajon is wrapped in a vinyl wrap and has a non- slip seat added to the top for extra comfort.

This cajon has a stunning look and an even more impressive sound.

As with the normal Active, we have given this cajon the knob for the on/off snare action, so effectively 2 cajons in 1.

Made from birch wood and 29.5 cm in width and 48cm high sitting on plastic feet.

A fantastic Cajon for the pro who wants to make a statement.







This is our Cajon bag to protect your Cajon when travelling.

Made to a very high standard, it has thick foam padding to help protect the Cajon, and a pocket for your Cajon sticks etc.

It has a shoulder strap and carrying handles. A great bag for the price.






These are our Lion Cajon Sticks.

These are wooden sticks coverd in foam rubber to prevent damage to your Cajon when playing.

Most cajon drum sticks are brushes and don't allow drum action and the feel of drum sticks so we have come up with these.

They bring out the tone in a more concentrated way, due to the narrow tip.

You can play longer without getting sore hands and play cymbals also.






This is our Lion Cajon Port.

This is designed to be used with a microphone and it concentrates the sound, like shouting down a tube.

All sounds are amplified at the hole and enables the microphone to pick up the great sounds produced by the drummer.


Our product is cheaper then the normal Kickports on the market.






This is a Drum Microphone for the Cajon.

This microphone is a Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone.

Designed for drums.

Rugged Construction.

A unique shock mount that minimizes Mechanical Noise.

Frequency response 40-18000 Hz.

Sensitivity 1KHz.

Impedance 400 ohms, balanced.

Comes with an XLR lead.

Just plug into your mixer and away you go.